Hi, I’m Shelley. 

I help entrepreneurs and small businesses clearly communicate who they are and what they offer. Some business owners are so close to what they do, it’s easy to skip over the basics or go a little heavy on industry jargon. I bring an outsider’s perspective, asking the seemingly obvious questions to tell a story that is easily understood.

My Marketing Approach

I believe the key to effective communication starts with understanding who you are, what you care about, what you uniquely offer and who your audience is. If you don’t have this down on paper, I’ll help you. If you do, you’re a step ahead of the game.

Good writing connects us. Done right it can transport you to a food stall in Vietnam, compel you to sign up for a two-day workshop or make you wonder how someone you’ve never met can understand your needs so well.

If your website copy is thin, jargon-y or hasn’t been touched in more than a year, it might be time for a refresh. We all evolve over time and our messaging should too. I’ll help you clearly communicate what you offer, using language that resonates with your audience.

If you want to be seen as an authority, content-rich blog posts are a great way to showcase your expertise while also driving traffic to your site. I believe in writing for humans first, search engines second. When it comes to building your email list, give them something in exchange for their email address: a how-to guide, checklist, tip sheet, etc., then nurture them with ongoing email content.

My Work

I specialize in travel, tourism, hospitality and social enterprises, but also work with small businesses in various industries. While my home base is Southern California, I’ve been known to jump time zones on occasion. From helping entrepreneurs receive microloans in rural India to promoting events at the Cannes International Film Festival, my on-site work experience spans three continents. Travel feeds my soul, stretching me both personally and professionally, so regardless of where I am in the world, you will always receive the same attention.

Specific to the Travel Industry

I help tour companies abroad better target the U.S. market. If your website has an English translation or was written by a non-native speaker, I’ll re-work it so it’s grammatically correct and culturally relevant. On the content side, I’m a traveler who has researched and planned many trips so I know how to create detail-rich articles, destination guides, checklists, etc.


My Story

I worked in corporate marketing for 11 years, managing the IMAX Filmed Entertainment digital team. I was part of the company’s foray into online marketing from the beginning, launching IMAX’s Facebook and Twitter pages, growing its email database and serving as a key member of the IMAX.com redesign team. I oversaw the creation of multiple documentary film websites, worked with brand and studio partners on cross-promotions and wrote copy for various marketing materials (email newsletters, press releases, promotional materials, website copy, theatre marketing guides and more).

Then in 2013, I left the corporate world behind to travel, volunteer and start a blog about my experiences. I served as a Kiva Fellow in Kolkata, India, working with a new microfinance partner who provided loans to women in the most impoverished areas of West Bengal. I trained their staff on Kiva processes and procedures, including how to write compelling borrower profiles that would attract crowdfunding lenders. I still volunteer with Kiva as part of their Review Team, editing loans submitted by field partners before they are published on the Kiva website.

If you think we may work well together and want to discuss further, please get in touch! I’m happy to provide portfolio samples for your perusal.