Knowing who you are, what you stand for and what makes you unique is critical to clear messaging. Understanding your audience is also essential; not just their demographics, but also their psychographics. What do they care about? What are their challenges? Knowing this will inform your messaging so you speak in their language and address their problems.


Quality content educates, informs and provides value. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise and further connect with clients/customers via tips, how-to guides, e-books, articles, blog posts and more. Use it to attract/retain subscribers, for publicity and for SEO. You don’t need to give away the farm, but free high quality content does build trust and credibility with potential customers.


Words are more important than a logo or website design. Good copy connects us; bad copy does the opposite. I’ll speak directly to your audience and tell them how you can help, using language they understand. No buzzwords, no empty promises, no gimmicks.

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Brochures
  • Speaker Sheets
  • Bios & LinkedIn Profiles


You’ve nailed the basics, but the words just don’t sing (or accurately represent you). This might take the form of website copy, a blog post, PowerPoint sales deck, e-book, article or any existing written piece that falls short of what you want to accomplish. It also includes re-working copy translated from English or written by a non-native speaker.

Travel Writing

Need to sell a destination instead of a product or service? From narrative articles about Balinese ceremonies to practical advice for European road trips to full-blown city guides on what to see, do and eat, my passion for travel is infused into every piece. While I have first-hand knowledge from visiting more than 40 countries, I’ve written dozens of research-based destination guides to places I’ve never been. Visit my travel blog for a taste of my writing style.

For samples and to learn more, please contact me.

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